more raucous rollus

by hench

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bouncing between the west town spot, the north shore sanctuary, the mountain compound, and the canyon hideout. some of this was written for the prf songwriting challenge. some of it was written just for kicks.

"rock" is a pretty damn big blanket term - if you wanna get real taxonomic about it, there's some psych in here, some garage, some hardcore, some r&b, some stupid with a flare gun, etc.


released April 21, 2014



all rights reserved


hench Los Angeles, California

all sorts of crazy music falling out of my head...

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Track Name: found something bad
found something bad
i tell you, i didn't know what i had

i was mixed up
now i'm fixed up

i found it
now i'm surrounded
can't even wrap my mind around it...
Track Name: pain don't hurt
i thought you'd be taller.
there's jeff healey... throw some bottles at him!
Track Name: skate or die
every day i go to school i get fed up with all the rules
i get so mad that i could cry if i can't skate i'll die

every day i go to work i feel like i could go berserk
i promise you i wouldn't lie if i don't skate i'll die
Track Name: lemonade!
i'm gonna sell some lemonade.
i'm gonna make ten thousand million dollars.
summertime means drinking lemonade.
Track Name: hit the road
phoenix arizona and detroit city
dallas and houston and salt lake city
daytona beach and oklahoma city

hit the road ease the seat
tell the boss, wife, and kids they can all kiss my feet
eat my dust, feel the thrust
hit the road hit the road hit the road
Track Name: see the monsters rising
when you see the monsters rising
take a breath it's not surprising
horns and eyes are tantalizing you

when you see the monsters rising
turn around it's mesmerizing
impressive faces terrorizing you
Track Name: i'm calling for you
i know you seen a lotta capybara in yr life
i know you seen a lotta capybara girl

you know you both got a lot in common
you both make me wanna call
you both got barrel shaped bodies
and i can't even really pronounce your name

you ain't got a phone in your belly
girl, you ain't nothing at all
Track Name: back seat trick or treat
a bop a grippin', a ring the bell
marimba bone in my ton e skel
my head hurts, don't wanna behave
i dig ya baby like i'm diggin' a grave...

what's under them witch's rags?
what's under them candy bags?

i'm grinnin' like a jack-o-lantern
i'm feelin' like a howlin' phantom
i got ants in my dance bone
like i kicked over my tombstone

wiggle outta that costume
hits my skull like a sonic boom
before it's time for the big dirt nap
put my razor blade in yr candy apple
Track Name: space county fair
when you go to space, you don't need a job
you just float around eating corn on the cob

take a big rocketship so i can puke on the zip

when you go to space, you don't need a shirt
you ride a ferris wheel eatin' space yogurt

gonna hit the skids beneath the leonids
Track Name: sell your kids to the zoo
let them eat a cold fish
let them eat some popcorn
let them eat some goat treat
let them eat in a cage
Track Name: take and eat
watch me prepare this miracle of transubstantiation.

body of somebody, take and eat.
Track Name: a life alone
a life alone ain't no life at all ain't no way for a man to be living...